Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday already?

I just can't believe how fast the weekend went. I didn't really getting any real stamping done, although I did start working on a project that I will hopefully be able to finish and show you later this week. I did take some time for myself and went to see a movie yesterday afternoon while Tom watched the kids. I saw "Juno". It was a really good movie-VERY funny in a lot of parts but kinda depressing for me too. I had very puffy eyes when I left the theatre...good thing I had sun glasses with me. This was the first real movie I have gone to see in a long long time; I ususally see movies with animated characters. I'm thinking I may need to do this "ME" time thing more often. Next time I think I will see something a little more chick-flicky (cheesy, unrealistic, with a Happily Ever After ending) Fool's Gold. I will try and post again sometime later today if I get a chance to create anything. Have a great Monday everyone!

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Delia said...

It's like that for mom's, we are always trying to catch up...we never have time to just hang out and watch movies. It's unheard of...if we are in a theater, we are not moving LOL. I am glad you enjoyed yourself.