Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lots of HAPPY MAIL!!!

It has been a really low key day. I got up this morning, took a shower and then went back to bed. It is an absolute beautiful day and what did I do...I stayed in bed until 12:30. Tom took the kids outside to ride bikes and color with sidewalk chalk and I....stayed in bed. What a loser I am today. Thankfully I finally got out of bed when I heard the mailman come. It was definitely worth getting up for. I got TONS of happy mail today!
First envelope I got was an awesome thank you card from my friend Delia. I absolutely LOVE it! It is a cool pull card (I have never made one of these). I love the colors and stamps and everything about it! Just beutiful!!!

The next 2 envelopes I got came via Royal Mail...sounds so important :)
First one was this awesome card from my SBS-13 sister Jo (check out her blog, she makes some adorable cards!!). It is a beutiful card. Thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me! It really brightened my day!
The second Royal Mail envelope was from my other SBS-13 sister who just happens to also be name Jo (she has a great blog too, check it out). She sent me this terrific flower card/folder filled with awesome images and embellishments. I just LOVED it! Thanks Jo!
Now that I am out of bed I need to start figuring out what I am going to work on tonight at scrap mania. I need to get myself organized since it starts in 3 hours and I have no clue what I'm taking with. Wish me luck and hopefully I will have some finished projects to share tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, April 4, 2008


I am so glad it is finally Friday. I have had a sore back all week and today it is at its absolute worst. I can barely bend over right now. To make the day a little more challenging I babysat my 1 year old niece and one of Annabelle's friends. It actually wasn't that bad but boy is my back hurting. When my sister came to pick up my niece, my 7 year old niece was with her and she gave me this key chain that she bought for me. Yes, my 7 year old niece bought me a key chain with a picture of my "boyfriend" Zac Efron on it. It even says I *heart* Troy (for those of you who aren't crazy Zac Efron (or HSM) fans that was his character in HSM. I thought it was so cute and thoughtful of her and it is so true...I definitely *heart* Zac Efron! Thanks Raechell for the awesome gift. My keys will be on it tomorrow! Hope you all had a great Friday.
April and Jen and I are off to scrap mania at Archivers tomorrow night so hopefully I make some great projects that I can post on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

When a good card goes bad...

This card started out pretty cute this morning. I colored the baby bella image (thanks for letting me borrow your stamps Jen). I liked how it turned out colorwise but it is a pretty tall stamp and I had a hard time coming up with a layout. I started out with a glittery striped pastel colored background but I couldn't figure out anything to do with it. I tried adding photo corners with brads and I tried adding a cuttlebugged half circle behind the image...nope. Nothing seemed to work. It had started off on such a good note with the adorable image and the coloring but it was on the fast track to my trash bin. I left it alone for a few hours and took the kids out for lunch. When I got back I decided to give it one last chance. I swapped out the striped background and cuttlebugged a shimmery piece of vellum instead. It looked ok but then I got a little crazy and sponged it with blue ink and then added a some glitter to the already shimmery vellum using the essential glue pad (probably didn't need to do this but for me you can never have too much glitter). I couldn't figure out a sentiment to stamp or even where to put it so I decided to use some rub-ons and my tiny star punch. Overall, not a super card but at least it took a detour away from the trash can. It started as a good idea and ended as a so-so card. Hope you are all enjoying your Thursday! We are headed off to the doctor to have them take a look at an infected hang-nail on Beckett's thumb. Wish the kids understood when I say "don't pick at it or it will get infected", that I actually mean it. Oh well...wish us luck!

Check out this awesome blog candy!

My dear friend Kisa has some absolutely FABULOUS blog candy right now. Check out her terrific blog here!
Hopefully I can find some time today to make something worthy of posting; if not, I hope you all have a terrific day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ribbon Blossoms

Do you have tons of ribbon just sitting around waiting to be used?
Then you have to check out this blog: Indigo Studio

Happy hump day!

Well, we made it through half the week and we all sorta seem healthy. Annabelle got a HUGE spot (hive? - it was the size of a half dollar) on her forehead last night that may have been cause from the antibiotic but today was her last dose so hopefully everything is ok. For those of you who know me well know that I have a lot of up and down days. I've been depressed a lot lately which is why I have been trying my best to make bright happy cards. I tried yesterday and couldn't do a single thing. I colored a couple Elyzabells images and then couldn't do a thing with them to save my life. Today I decided to try a Whipper Snapper image that I got from someone in the wishRAK group (sorry, I can't remember who sent it to me). Once again things are pretty basic but for the first time in a while I actually used some ribbon out of my stash instead of just adding glitter (my absolute fav embellishment). Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 31, 2008

The secret to dieting...

is not to eat cookies for breakfast. I've been experimenting with this type of dieting for the past couple weeks and my desired weight loss seems unattainable; in fact, I think the scales are tipping in + direction rather than the -. I think I may have to look at other breakfast options in hopes of diet success! is cold and rainy and just all around gloomy here today. My motivation level is pretty much zero (except for my cookie dieting motivation - that seems to have peaked during this gloom). I didn't even want to take Annabelle to preschool today but in the end I managed to drag my tired butt out of the house. I even managed a little grocery shopping with Beckett after I dropped her off.
After grocery shopping, I decided that gloomy days and cleaning the house are an awful combination so I put a movie in the DVD player for Beckett and headed to my stash of colored images (no coloring motivation today). Once again the Penny Black frogs were calling (or maybe they were croaking) out to me. I am still using scraps from my stamp table so the color combos I have been using lately might not be the greatest but they are using up my scraps so that I don't have to put them away. Creating less work for later is always a good idea for me. Nothing too fancy here again today, just some glitter, brads and a few layers of paper. Seems I have been using a lot of bold bright colors lately, not sure why since I typically shy away from brights. Maybe all this gloom and cold is getting to me...what am I saying, maybe, should have said DEFINITELY getting to me. I can't wait for 70 degree weather! Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday already?

I can't believe it is already Sunday night. Where did the weekend go? We are still the household of the sick but I'm trying to keep a good attitude about it...the kids are building up a great immune system. I didn't get much accomplished today except for a long afternoon nap and a couple birthday cards that I should have had done last week. When I'm in stamping rut I tend to stamp and color a lot of images for future use. Today I wanted to throw together 2 cards in less than 30 minutes (the amount of time the crab cake mix has to sit in the fridge before I could make dinner). I dug through my colored image box and found these cute Penny Black chickens. Have I mentioned that I just love Penny Black? So I glittered, added the balloon, stamped the sentiment and threw these (I made 2) together in 36 minutes. Not too bad, especially since I just used scraps of paper that were already laying all over my craft table. I like how it turned out so much I decided to post it before I finished making I'm off to fry some crab cakes. Hope you all had a great weekend!