Thursday, May 22, 2008

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Thursday! Today we have Beckett's preschool closing ceremony and then he has his first ever dentist appointment. I'm praying he doesn't have a mouth full of cavities.
After that, we are taking a road trip to Governor Dodge State Park for a couple nights of camping. This will be the kid's first camping trip. Before they were born Tom and I camped all summer long when we were mountain bike racing, but our last camping trip was when I was 7 months pregnant with Annabelle. This should be an interesting trip. The kids have been SO excited the last couple days. They can't wait to go camping. I asked Annabelle yesterday if she knew what camping meant..."No". Wonder if they will be as excited when they realize we have to sleep on the ground.
I don't have anything craft related to share today and I will be MIA until at least Saturday, but hopefully I will get some stamping time soon! I hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend! Thaks for stopping by!


marywebb said...


Sara in WI said...

Have a wonderful camping trip. That's a great park, as you know. I hope the weather is sunny and warm. Eat a s'more for me, please?

Richelle said...

Have a fun and safe trip Heather!

Debi said...

Have a wonderful time camping!! Enjoy the wonder of the outdoors!!! Your kids will have a good time even if they don't quite know what camping is.

Delia said...

Have a great time on your camping trip, enjoy your family and take lots of pictures.