Saturday, November 29, 2008

Enabler alert!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. My plan for this weekend was to do nothing but stamp, but plans took an unexpected detour after I started reading a book after we finished our Thanksgiving lunch. I have spent the past 2 1/2 days curled up in my electric blanket blissfully reading about Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. If you are unfamiliar with Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight series of books I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. I have never in my life been so excited about reading. I started reading the first book after lunch on Thursday and I just finished the 3rd book a couple hours ago. I am trying very hard to fight the urge to run to the book store this very second to buy the 4th. I have a friend who has volunteered to lend me the 4th book if I can wait until tomorrow afternoon. I'm not sure I can wait that long.

Due to this unexpected change of plans I don't have a card ready to share yet but I did want to share some awesome sales and a little bit of exciting news.
If you are in the mood for some after Thanksgiving shopping there are several FABULOUS sales going on this weekend:

Jacksonbelle Embellishements: 20% everything in the store. Use coupon code THANK08 when you go through the checkout!

Queen Kat Designs: all of their stamp sets are 20%. Plus, use coupon code FSBDAY when you check out for free shipping!

Shimmerz: Did you know that Shimmerz now has their own store. This weekend is their grand opening and all Shimmerz is on sale.

Firecracker Designs by Pamela: Did you know that FCD now carries Shimmerz paint! Save 10% on all orders placed by Nov 30th using coupon code GIVETHANKS when you check out.
Also new at FCD: Subscriptions to RSM (Rubber Stamp Madness) The original rubber stamping magazine!! Now you can renew, or start a subscription just by clicking the "Get It" button on the Firecracker Designs site! *** Coupon is not available on Magazine Subscriptions. Sorry.

Oh and speaking of Shimmerz...I added a few new things over of my side bar *wink* --------->

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. I think I may have found a little of my mojo so check back in on Monday for a fresh new project! Have a great day!


Sal Ober said...

thank you!

please add a translator to your blog.

i invite everyone to visit this space ando to follow it if you liked.

see you

Sal Ober said...

thank you so much to follow my blog. and to add a translator to portuguese!!!
see you

Kim Ross said...

Congratulations, Heather! :)

Kisa Peters said...

Yohooo! I see your sidebar!!!! Hmm.....I wonder what that means!?

nessy said...

so glad you found time to just sit and read ~just what you needed ~ your mojo will come flooding back now you`ve had a rest!
vanessa xx

Maria Matter said...

So did you read the fourth book yet?????
Blessings, Maria

Shirley said...

Well, you just made me feel okay with ordering the newest Shimmerz. I have the rest from 6 years ago and now I have the others too! LOL