Friday, May 15, 2009

Shimmerz Newz!!!

Shimmerz Paints is about to re-release Shimmerz Spritz! It will be coming in several awesome colors!! The new and improved Shimmerz Spritz will be released at midnight on May 20th, which is when all the colors will be shown!

So, do you want to win 3 bottles of Shimmerz Spritz?? Here's all you have to do: Visit this post HERE on the Shimmerz blog! Shimmerz will be giving away Shimmerz Spritz to 3 lucky winners! Even better...there are 3 ways to win! For all the details be sure to visit the Shimmerz Blog today!!


Janna said...

Ohhhh thanks for the heads up Heather! I have been stalkign the blog to find out when these will become available! I can hardly wait!


marywebb said...

Thanks for posting this Heather. I love my shimmerz and can't wait to try the new stuff.