Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crossing my fingers

I think my camera should be in todays mail. I will be anxiously waiting for the sound of the mail truck coming. Plus I am hoping the 2 winter sets from CC Designs will be in todays mail too.
I haven't stamped in almost a week except for stamping a few Changito images so I am definitely ready to get back in the stamping groove.
I may try and stamp a little this afternoon but we'll see if that really happens.
I hope you all have a great day!


mwebb said...

I hope you stamp and then join the monthly group again.....or just make me cards!!!! :o)

Jennifer-G said...

did Tom's parents send the thing pony express? I hope it comes today (Friday!!)

LynnMT0906 said...

Hey Heather...
I will look at your blog at little closer this week. Did read your profile...I LOVE PRINCE!!!! don't even know...and we love nearly the exact same movies...(Harry Potter...I've never seen or read the books.)