Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trying to catch up on some scrappin

Here is another one of the scrapbook layouts I made on Sunday. I made the page without having the 5x7 photo in hand so I had to hope my measurements were ok...they weren't. I just went downstairs to put the 5x7 on and take a picture and I realized I had obviously made an error in measuring so there is a wide black strip to the right of the large photo. I may add something down that strip like brads or something, who knows. I'm a bit disappointed right now as I had really liked the page when I thought the 5x7 was going to fit perfectly. I didn't glue the large photo down just in case I want to change something there. Let me know what you think.
Have a great day!


maryw said...

I didn't even notice the black until you pointed it out. I think it's awesome just the way it is. Very cute!!!!

Mary said...

I had to do a touble take too find it too. I think you notice it more because you had in your head that the photo would take the entire space. I think some brads or something else would finish it off nicely. What a great page!

Anonymous said...

What shirt? LOVE IT! Brads would definitely work! Or even one more strip of orange or whatever color that was!


Anonymous said...

Okay, I looked at it again! What about faux brads! Just a few little orange punched circle dot things!


Delia said...

The page is awesome, I love it. I had to go back and zoom the picture to find out what the problem was...I would do exactly what you said, some brads would eat up the space or some other fun embellishment. Great job Heather!!!