Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lots of HAPPY MAIL!!!

It has been a really low key day. I got up this morning, took a shower and then went back to bed. It is an absolute beautiful day and what did I do...I stayed in bed until 12:30. Tom took the kids outside to ride bikes and color with sidewalk chalk and I....stayed in bed. What a loser I am today. Thankfully I finally got out of bed when I heard the mailman come. It was definitely worth getting up for. I got TONS of happy mail today!
First envelope I got was an awesome thank you card from my friend Delia. I absolutely LOVE it! It is a cool pull card (I have never made one of these). I love the colors and stamps and everything about it! Just beutiful!!!

The next 2 envelopes I got came via Royal Mail...sounds so important :)
First one was this awesome card from my SBS-13 sister Jo (check out her blog, she makes some adorable cards!!). It is a beutiful card. Thank you SO MUCH for thinking of me! It really brightened my day!
The second Royal Mail envelope was from my other SBS-13 sister who just happens to also be name Jo (she has a great blog too, check it out). She sent me this terrific flower card/folder filled with awesome images and embellishments. I just LOVED it! Thanks Jo!
Now that I am out of bed I need to start figuring out what I am going to work on tonight at scrap mania. I need to get myself organized since it starts in 3 hours and I have no clue what I'm taking with. Wish me luck and hopefully I will have some finished projects to share tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!


My Paper World said...

Wow! What great happy mail!

Kisa Peters said...

Great stuff! I got good mail too! : )

fairymadjo said...

wow you have had great mail. huggs jo x

Angie C said...

Gorgeous things you received in the mail :-)

Richelle said... getting happy mail!

Delia said...

Great mail day!!! I am glad you liked your card. Hugs Delia

Jo said...

Glad your card arrived safely Heather!