Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tagged again!

I've been tagged by my SBS-13 sister Debi. If you haven't already checked out her blog, please do. She makes some really neat collage stuff.

This is a 7 random (interesting?) facts tag. This is a tough one for me since I'm not all that interesting and I already shared 7 facts a few months ago. I'll give it a try though...

1. I cry every time I hear the National Anthem. EVERY single time. I actually sometimes try to hum a different song in my head so to help avoid tearing up. I also get totally choked up at events that have military jet fly overs.

2. My favorite TV show is Avatar. I absolutely LOVE it. If you have never seen it, rent the DVD's but definitely start from the begining!

3. I had 2 really fast, all natural (and not necessarily by choice) labors with my children. My labor with Annabelle was 3 hours 50 mins (6 lb. 10oz.) and less than 16 months later 1 hour and 37 minutes for 9 lb. 1 oz. Beckett.

4. I used to have 4 titanium screws in my jaw (2 on each side). 2 of them worked themselves out and had to be removed (not fun). 2 still remain...makes for interesting conversation with x-ray technicians who don't know about them.

YIKES, I still need 3 more. I'm going to have to start living on the edge before I get tagged again...

5. We haven't been on vacation since our honeymoon 6 years ago. We went to Durango, CO and Moab, UT for some mountain biking and site seeing. We visited Mesa Verde NP and Arches NP. We are currently trying to plan a trip to Florida for next month but we'll see if that actually pans out.

6. I rented the movie "The Notebook" a couple weeks ago ...not sure if I have ever cried so much watching a movie...EVER!

and finally...

7. I LOVE shopping at thrift stores and garage sales. It is amazing the treasures you can find!

It is a good thing I read Kisa's interesting facts to "help" me think of interesting things or this list could have just been a list of the cereals I eat for breakfast..Life, Rice Chex, etc. etc.
Also, like her, I am going to save my tagging of others for another day. Hope you all have a great day!


Kisa Peters said...

Titanium screws in your jaw? WOW! That sounds horrible! The cereal list would have been very....hmm....interesting!

Gia Harvey said...

Love reading all these little tidbits! Makes me smile.