Sunday, April 13, 2008

You Cheer Me Up Award

No new creations to post today (yet) so I thought I would share this award that was given to me by my SBS-13 sister Jo. I thought it was so sweet! Thanks Jo! Hope you get your plumbing issues cleared up ASAP!!!
We are supposed to pass this award on and I have to say that I couldn't pick just one person. Anyone and Everyone who leaves comments on my blog cheers me up on a daily basis. Funny thing is last week something malfuctioned with my comment moderation notices and when I posted my monster cards I didn't get a notification of any comments for over 24 hours. I was SO depressed! I thought maybe no one liked my monster cards. Then I realized that somehow blogger (or maybe it was me inadvertently) deleted my email address that comments get sent to so when I logged in I had a notice that I had 10 comments that needed moderation. Boy did that cheer me up! So this award goes out to ALL OF YOU who leave me comments. You all CHEER ME UP!!!!
Hopefully I will find some time today to make something (even if it is just cookies), so check back later for a possible 2nd post of the day. I hope you all have a terrific day!


Jo said...

You're most welcome Heather!! I had the same problem with my blogger. BTW love your Monster cards!

Kisa Peters said...

YOU cheer up a lot of people too Heather!

Delia said...

Thanks Heather, right back at you. You really cheer us up....that is why we keep coming back. Keep up the great work, we love it!!!