Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to you all! I wanted to get this posted before we head off to church because I'm not sure if I will get time later today. Annabelle is in the children's choir at church and they are singing for the last time today until choir resumes in the fall. I can't wait to hear them. This morning when she got up Annabelle gave me this card that she made. She made it last week and kept it hidden under her bed until this morning. I thought it was so sweet! I hope you all have a great Mother's Day!
Along with being Mother's Day, today is also our 6th wedding anniversary. Our wedding day was exactly like today...cold, windy, raining. It has been cold, windy and raining on every single May 11th since we got married. The weather for today says rainy, winds 10-15mph, high in the 50's. I think on our wedding day the high was only in the 40's, VERY windy and pouring rain. Funny thing is we were going to get married in November or May and Tom looked in the almanac to try and figure out which month would have better weather for us...obviously we should never let a man do important research like that. November would have been much better weather! Anyway, I thought I would share a couple pictures from our wedding. I don't typically show pictures of myself but since these are the pre-children skinny days I don't mind showing them. BTW, our wedding photos pretty much sucked so I don't have many good ones to share (our pictures sucked but at least we had a rockin cake!). I also have to apologize for the crappy quality of the photos. We got married before digital was all the rage so I had to scan these pictures this morning on our not so great, dusty scanner.
This first picture is me coming in at the back of the church with my friend Kelly.
Here is a picture from the ceremony from the back of the church.
This was the one and only great picture our photographer took. I have it in a black and white version framed and hanging in our living room. The scanning quality wasn't great and Tom's tux looks extremely wasn't.

I hope you all have a terrific day! Thanks for stopping by!


Delia said...

Wow you look beautiful!!! Happy Anniversary and happy Mother's day. Hugs Delia

mwebb said...

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Anniversary!!!! Cute card from Annabelle, she's quite the little artist. Have a GREAT day!!!

Kisa Peters said...

Great pictures! Happy Anniversary! I hope to make a card with your cake inspiration today! I just haven't had a chance the last few days!

Sara in WI said...

Oh, Heather! You looked lovely! The dress was just gorgeous! Happy Mother's Day and Happy Anniversary!

Jo said...

Oh what a cute card! I've kept all my cards from my kids, they're so special, and don't you look gorgeous!

Bunny B said...

WOWWEE!!! :) You're so beautiful! Love those shots :)
Happy Anniversary and Happy Mother's Day. How special!!