Saturday, July 19, 2008

Inchie, ATC, Moo....WHAT?

Pamela, from FireCracker Designs has a challenge posted on her blog. The challenge is as follows: Create one inchie, one ATC, and one MOO card using the SAME FireCracker Designs Stamp set. You can use what ever FCD set you want, but all three pieces have to be created with the same set.

At this point some of you might be wondering what exactly an inchie, ATC or Moo is (I was wondering too)...Here are the definitions directly from Pamela's blog:

What is an inchie? Simply put, it’s a one inch square piece of art work…talk about tiny!! Just don’t go blind if you are trying this one for the first time!! We’ve also noticed, that all 1″ square punches are NOT all 1″! Punches have the bad habit of being measured at the diagonal (like your TV screens) and we artists, well, we like to measure our pieces straight across and up the sides…so double check your punch before you go crazy with these….if all else fails, stamp your image, and then use your paper trimmer to cut it up in 1 inch squares, pick the best one, and embellish it…lol

What is an ATC? Artist Trading Card has only one rule…they MUST measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches! Thought to have originated in Switzerland in 1997; they are about the size of the sports trading cards, and can be easily stored in the 9 pocket plastic sleeves designed to hold sports cards.

What is a MOO card? MOO is actually a British based printing company that offers mini calling cards. They are about the size of half of a standard business card. (got a ruler? measure: 1 1/8 inch x 2 ¾ inch). Artists have snagged up this idea to create their own mini pieces of artwork, and I LOVE the idea of using the back sides to include my blog information. What a fun way to hand out my web links!

I decided to take her up on the challenge. Until today I had never made and inchie or a moo (I have made an ATC WAY WAY back in the day).

I used the FireCracker set: Happy Hour for mine. I can say after making them, that I probably will NEVER make anything this tiny again. I had a REALLY hard time working on such a small area...It was fun trying though. Let me know what you think.

Hope you are all having a great weekend!


Etha said...

Love what you did with Pamela's challenge! Your images looks so fat and 3D! nice touch on the ATC how you let the flower go over, believe it or not, I've never made an ATC ever ;) Hope you win!!

She said...

Well done these are lovely :-) xxxx

Lesley said...

They are great - I love making moos and inchies! xxx

Maureen said...

You did an awesome job with the challenge!!

Delia said...

Wow these are great!!!

Richelle said...

Great job! love the drink one.