Friday, July 18, 2008


Hope everyone had a great week. We have been crazy busy this week and I haven't had much stamping time. I'm hoping to find some crafty time this afternoon!

Since I don't have any cards to show I thought I would share some pictures I took yesterday when we took the kids to the county fair. They had a total blast. We went through all of the 4-H barns and had fun checking out all of the farm animals. The kids were excited that they got to pet a cow, chicken, rabbit and they got to hold a baby chick.
After the barns we hit the carnival. They loved this. It was $1 ride day (compared to the normal $3-4 per ride) so we let them ride pretty much everything they wanted to (thanks to a carnival fund from grandma Debbie). The only bad part was, it was HOT! and when I say HOT I mean REALLY HOT! Overall, though, we had an awesome family day!

I hope to have a card or something crafty to share later today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


Jo said...

Oh Heather, looks like you all had a total blast! The kids faces are a picture! Envy you with the weather....think our Summer has been and gone and I didn't even notice lol!

nessy said...

fantastic photos ~ looks like you and the family had a great day out!
vanessa xx

Kisa Peters said...

Ah! The kids look so hot and sweaty in the first picture! I love it! The rides look great too! I bet they had a blast!