Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's Sunday night....

and unfortunately X-Files Sunday nights are years in the past...that's ok though, I am still on cloud 9 after getting to see the "X-Files - I Want To Believe" yesterday morning. After all these years I'm still in love with Fox Mulder. I thought the movie was great! They left it open enough that they could have another movie or maybe just start the series back up...yeah, I know I'm dreaming...
I didn't get any stamping done this weekend. I have been really tired lately. Not just a little tired....abnormally tired. I'm heading to the doc on Tuesday to see if they can figure out the problem and give me my life back. You know I'm sick when I'd rather nap than stamp.
I'm hoping to have some energy tomorrow to make something while the kids are at preschool. Crossing my fingers at least.
In the mean time I got this totally awesome blog award from my friend Jen. THANKS JEN!!! This is a fun one...

So here are the award details:

1. You can only award this to 5 blogger friends.
2. Four of those must be hardcore addicts of your blog.
3. One must be a relatively new follower from another part of the world.
4. You must link back to the person who gave you the award

So you all know I don't always follow the blog award rules...So here are my BFF blogger (and a couple non-blogger) nominees...Kisa, Delia, Dawn,Mary Webb, and Deana. Thank you ladies for all being such great friends and for leaving me such nice comments on my blog!


Dawn said...

AWWWW... Heather, you DESERVE an award like that! How sweet that was!Have a great night

Delia said...

Who can resist Fox Mulder, he is intelligent, cute and funny. I haven't seen the new movie but it's #1 on my my list to see.