Friday, March 14, 2008

I've been tagged!

Earlier in the week I was tagged by my good friend Jen from Glitter In My Hair.
Here are the deets:

P.S. - You've been tagged!

The rules of the game:

  • Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
  • Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog, we all want to know them.
  • Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
  • Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Random Facts About Me:

1. My middle name is Renee (so with my hyphenated last name I have a total of 9 E's in my name)
2. I've broken my right arm twice in my life, once when I was 4 years old (falling off our swing set) and once when I was 26 (falling off my mountain bike).
3. In my mid 20's I did several off-road mountain bike races.
4. In high school I played fast pitch softball and I was a varsity basketball and football cheerleader.
5. I love singing. I'm hoping dh will buy me a good karaoke machine for our anniversary (but I'm not holding my breath). My dream is to be in a band (and also to be about 10 years younger than I am).
6. My first music concert I ever attended was MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice for my 16th birthday. I have since bettered my music/concert tastes to the likes of Prince, REM, U2, John Mellencamp, Harry Connick Jr., Indigo Girls, Bare Naked Ladies, Sheryl Crow and lots more. During our pre-marriage/dating years (all 5 of them) dh and I went to A LOT of concerts.
7. I love HS Musical and Zac Efron (you ladies knew I couldn't post facts without this obvious one)

Boy this was a challenge. After trying to figure out something interesting about myself, I realized that I am totally boring. I'm going to have to spice up my life so next time I get tagged I have something good to write!

According to the rules I need to tag 7 people so we can learn all their secrets too. I know it says to tag 7 other bloggers but I'm going to bend the rules and tag a few bloggers and a few non-bloggers. All of you non-bloggers please post your info in the comments for this post.

Here we go:



Mary Webb

April (my sis)

Nessy (Nessy's Notes)

Lynn (Just Monkin' Around)

Jo (Only Joking)


nessy said...

right -so i have been tagged!! now i panic!! bet you wish you hadn`t chosen me - how do i get your info on to my blog!! gosh every day brings a new challenge on this blogging!!
first i need to think of 7 strange happenings about me!!
think i better ask my husband and children that one, 0000h and my parents!!
get the brain working this will!!
vanessa (nessynotes) xx

Jo said...

Thanks for the tag Heather....will have to think about this one!!

LynnMT0906 said...

LOVE THE BANNER!!! I will get to the TAGGING in a couple of days. I want word about Lyndsey's Angel's out a little longer. I think you should be on "The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom."

kisamari said...

Wow! I've been tagged! Um....7 interesting things about me... that will be hard. I'm pretty boring!

1. I'm scared of driving in heavy traffic, places I've never been and not knowing exactly where I'm going.

2. I nearly have a panic attack if someone I don't know has to come to my house...cable guy, phone guy, insurance guy, repair guy, etc. One time the cable guy got stuck in half-way in the crawl space under the house...of course, I wasn't here to avoid the anxiety...and my husband came home for lunch and had to pull him out! I felt like it was my fault that the guy was a big guy and my crawl space was too small...all my fault. An insurance adjuster is coming next week and I'm already having MAJOR anxiety and trying to figure a way to NOT be here!

3. Back to my driving anxiety...I was the first of my friends to have my license and a car....but I never drove it! My friend who could never pass her driver's test drove me around everywhere with her permit! Did I mention I don't care much for driving? One time my friend was driving my splatter-painted Volkswagen Bug and it died in the middle of the she was trying to get it to start again, I said, "I'm so sorry, but I just can't be here.." And I ran to the side of the road and waited for her to try to get that thing started...she was a good enough friend to get my car restarted and even let me back in the car!

4. I've never had a broken bone....but I have had a broken eardrum and I have prosthetic bones in there....and I'm still nearly deaf!

5. I first fell in love with my husband when I was 14 years old.. we didn't seriously date until I was 16-17, married at 18 right after graduation, and we will be married 14 years this July.

6. I have two sisters. I always thought that something bad or different was going to happen to me.....that I was going to be the one to die in a car wreck really young or something would happen to me...always felt that I was doomed...

7. Once I got married and had kids and my sisters didn't have any kids (until 2 years ago) I felt that what I had always thought was going to be something BAD happening to me....well it was really something good! I haven't felt that doom for nearly 14 years.

Boy....did you know I was such a gloomie girl? Yikes! I'm not interesting....I'm nuts I think!

Krazy Kisa!

Richelle said...

Hi Heather...had to laugh at the Mc Hammer and Vanilla Ice info...loved them too but then we grow


Mary Webb said...

1. The first fact that my DH came up with is that I am a school teacher. 5th grade to be exact and I have the best class I've ever had this year.

2. The second fact is that I'm married to a Police Chief (he came up with that one too), he says I am married to him for as long and I can stand to keep him around. :o) (sometimes that is questionable)

3. Growing up I lived on a cranberry farm. I raised horses and sheep. I wish I still had the animals, I miss that part of my past.

4. I spent the summer in South Africa when I was 20 years old. That was an awesome summer. Swam in the Indian Ocean and had to be rescued by this hunk named Mike.

5. I have only one child, I always wished I would have more, but circumstances didn't allow that and now I am too old and my back is too bad to be having a baby.

6. Bad back reminds me that I have had back surgery and my gall bladder removed. Those are the only two times I've been hospitalized besides when I was born and when Tyler was born.

7. I love Ariat Fatbaby Boots. I have 9 pairs.....Black, bomber brown, rustic brown, aqua, lime, blue denim, orange, purple, and red. I think I still need those slate black ones and of course some pink ones. I wear my boots all the time, they are not the greatest in hot weather with short pants though.