Monday, April 7, 2008

Funny Story....

Here is what happens when you leave a 3 year old unattended with the computer: Last night Annabelle and I went to bed early but because Beckett had taken a nap during the afternoon he was still a bundle of energy. He loves to do puzzles and will do them for hours so Tom left him in the office with a pile of puzzles and went downstairs to watch a movie. After Beckett was done with the puzzles, instead of telling Tom he was done, he decided to jump on the the computer and take some pictures of himself using the photo booth program that came on our mac. The kids love this feature but have only used "our" computer when either Tom or I are around. They have their own iMac down in the kitchen that is "theirs" so they are pretty knowledgeable about maneuvering their way around. Apparently he is A LOT more knowledgeable than we gave him credit for...he took 75 pictures of himself using all of the different special effect features. Tom didn't notice the pictures until after he finally put Beckett to bed, but this morning Beckett explained to us he was taking pictures and making "funny faces". The kid is a total ham. I forgot to mention that he also changed the name of the hard drive so we definitely have to keep on eye on this kid before he starts deleting our itunes or iphoto libraries. Here are a few of his masterpieces:

Pencil Sketch
Swirly Head
I think this effect is called stretch, but we call it Big Head
I can't see you, anybody there?
Beckett Warhol
Funny face
What the heck? He thought this was hilarious. Not sure I consider this a funny face.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday. Thanks for stopping by!


Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

OMG. That little stinker. That's pretty amazing he did all that by himself.

At least he didn't find any inappropriately dubbed Dora and Diego videos like Cole did on You Tube the other day. ACK.

Delia said...

That is so funny LOL. Thanks so much for the Monday morning laugh. I needed it to wake me up.

Kisa Peters said...

This is great! I love the pictures and the story! Changed the name of your harddrive! OMG - that is too funny! You may have to start locking your computer! Cute kid!

Richelle said...

LOL...too funny! He did pretty good on the picture taking!

Jo said...

Cheeky monkey! You're gonna have to watch him!!

mwebb said...

Way to go Beckett!!! :o)

Angie C said...

Oh Heather, this did make me smile. Such funny photo's he took LOL.
My little chap keeps switching my pc off, so we had to disable it - he also bangs on the keyboard and all wonderful things happen.