Monday, January 21, 2008

A bad day...a REALLY BAD day

I got up this morning with only one goal for the day...stamping, lots of stamping. I shouldn't set goals, as something always seems to get in the way. I spent the morning doing routine housework. After lunch the kids and I went down in the basement to play. My stamp room and their playroom pretty much make up the entire basement. Before I started stamping I took a picture of my very clean/organized stamp room. Take a look:

After taking these pictures I sat down and stamped for a bit. I made a cute birthday card that I will post later and then I started working on another Changito card. It was going great. The card was coming together well and I thought it was super cute. The kids had gotten tired of playing in the basement and went up to the kitchen to play on the computer. While I was working on my card I heard a hissing noise kinda like water flushing or something. I ran up to see what they were doing and they were both sitting nicely on the couch watching tv. I came back down to my stamp room to find that a water pipe had frozen and burst and water was pouring in onto my stamp room floor. I was in a complete panic. I felt like I was in a movie or something. The water just kept coming. Our basement isn't quite finished yet (there is no trim up yet so basically where the drywall met the floor there is a little gap and that is where the water was coming in. Our basement has full exposure with a walk-out and our outside faucet is right outside my stamp room...well it froze and broke and caused a really good day to go south very quickly. I called Tom and also ran next door to our neighbor who just happens to have done plumbing/house repair stuff for 35 years before he retired. He helped me get the water shut off, THANK GOD, and he also cut a hole in the wall and found the broken pipe and capped it off so we could turn the water in the house back on. I have a feeling I won't be stamping for a few days. My stamp room has pergo (I think that is what is called) flooring and water got under it so it either has to be pulled up and dried out or totally torn out and replaced. So much for my stamping momentum. Here are some "after" pictures of my stamp room:

In the corner where all the towels are we had to cut a big hole in the wall...this TOTALLY sucks. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry at this point. I'm just so thankful that I was down there when it happened because if it had happened during the night or while we were out we would have had an awful mess and I would have lost a lot of stamping stuff. Gotta look at the big could have been worse.


LynnMT0906 said...

Super cute stamping the paper racks. I feel so awful for you...what a pain in the neck. I hope things work out.

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Heather, so sorry you had such a rotten day but good for you for trying to look on the bright side. Hope you get it all cleaned up and repaired quickly so you can get back to stamping!

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kisamari said...

Your stamping place looks great or at least it did! I LOVE it. I'm hoping it won't take too long or too much $$ to fix it! I'm sorry your day had to be "rained on".
: ( You are lucky you heard it so soon!


Barb Barton said...

Oh Heather, I can totally sympathize with you on this!!! Thursday after Christmas, I had the main sewer line in my basement break. Also in my stamp room area!!! I also had to look at the bright side and think it could have been worse. All I lost was my carpeting!!
Hopefully you get it all cleaned up and back to normal quickly!!!
BTW, I LOVE your stamping area!!!

Michelle said...

((((hugs))) Heather! That just stinks. I hope you can get everything back in order quickly and without too much trouble!

Jennifer-G said...

Oh Heather!! I just saw this! That is so AWFUL!! Thank goodness your neighbor was home to help you and you were able to get things moved so nothing got destroyed. Wow. I can only imagine the panic. By the time I get these kids to sleep you'll probably be ready for bed too.

Your before pictures were great, BTW. I'd be in heaven if my stamp room was ever that clean.

Delia said...

I am so sorry about the burst pipe, I am so glad you were down there otherwise you the damage would have been so much worse. Not only to your stamping supplies but your home.

I love your stamping space, if mine were that organized, I might actually get more work done. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Delia