Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stamping Saturday

Today would be a great day to stamp...and I might actually get to do that. I pushed my stamping table into a corner in the basement and cleaned if off yesterday so I could potentially do some stamping today. Doesn't mean I will, but at least I can if I want to. Only challenge might be to find where all my supplies are stashed.
Since I don't have any new creations for today, I wanted to spotlight another one of my incredibly talented dear friends: Kisa (Kisamari on SCS). Like Delia, I met Kisa on SCS. She was in a lot of the first swaps I joined and even sent me images from Heartfelt Thanks just so I could join a swap. Being fairly new to the site at the time, I was in awe of the generosity she showed to someone she didn't even know. I think after that I just followed her around splitcoast, joining the same swaps so I could get her awesome cards! Here are a few of my favorites (that I could actually find in my diaster of a stamp room) she has made over the past couple years. If you want to see all of her creations check out her gallery on SCS.

I also forgot to mention that she is the best TAC demo in the world, so if you are looking for a demo, look no further!


mwebb said...

Kisa's stuff is always soooooo beautiful. She is the BEST TAC demo too!!!

kisamari said...

Thanks! I haven't seen some of those cards in a long time....they seemed to old! You made me smile today....thanks for the nice words!

Delia said...

Thanks for showing us these awesome cards Heather. I love them, I am so impressed with my TAC demo!!