Monday, July 7, 2008

Blog award and a tag!

My SBS-13 sister Debi gave me this blog award! Thanks Debi, sorry it took me so long to get it posted! If you haven't checked out Debi's blog, I definitely recommend it. She has some great things there!

Debi also tagged me, so here goes:

10 Years Ago:
I was working for a dairy ingredient company testing yogurt and buttermilk cultures to make sure that they actually did their job correctly. I had been dating my husband for a year. I started mountain bike racing. I bought my first rubber stamps.

5 Things On My To Do List:
1: Enjoy Life
2: Stamp
3: Exercise
4: Organize
5: Clean

Fav Snacks:
I have too many fav snacks...this is the reason why I NEED to exercise. I am a sucker for anything sweet (except chocolate, if you can believe that).

If I Was A Millionaire:
Pay off bills, save for the kids college education, save for retirement, donate to charity.

Places I Have Lived:
Lancaster, WI
Platteville, WI
Dodgeville, WI
Eau Claire, WI
Stoughton, WI
Madison, WI
Boring, I know...someday I might actually get out of this state, you never know.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a terrrific Monday!


Sara in WI said...

Oh, no! Don't leave the state! And congratulations! Nice award!

Kari said...


Maureen said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm another one who has only lived in one state! It's interesting that there are a few of us!!

Your first answer reminded me that I also bought my very first rubber stamp 10 years ago!! What a coincidence!

Delia said...

Thanks for sharing, it's always nice to learn new things about your friends.

Delia said...

OH...and WI is lucky to have you!!